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With Katarina Skjønsberg
Tuesday 31.01.23

Welcome to a new edition of the lecture series 30:ten, where contemporary artists present their work in ten pictures and thirty minutes. In this edition you will meet Katarina Skjønsberg. The presentation will be in Norwegian.

Katarina Skjønsberg

Katarina Skjønsberg (b. 1987, Oslo) has a bachelor's degree in photography from the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen and a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (2020). The artistry is rooted in human encounters, fieldwork, collaborative projects and interdisciplinary work. Through film, sound, photography, text, installation and performance, she investigates concepts such as solidarity, function and humanity. Skjønsberg's complex expression observes and explores psychological and socio-political connections. With solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, Skjønsberg challenges the relationship between representation, solidarity and the sharing of experiences - both in art production and in the exhibition context.


The artist talks 30:ten invite you to exclusive insights into a series of contemporary art practices. Our student panel has selected eight active artists who, within thirty minutes and ten pictures, get to present themselves and their work. After the lectures, we will open for questions from the audience. The lectures are held one Tuesday a month in the KH cinema and are free and open to everyone.

For the occasion, Lofthus Samvirkelag offers an artist discount to all participants on presentation of a ticket.

The presentations will take place on the following dates:

22. November: Helene Duckert
13. December: Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas
31. January: Katarina Skjønsberg
28. February: Lesia Vasylchenko (in English)
28. March: Sara Skogøy
18. April: Linda Bournane Engelberth
9. May: Sayed Sattar Hasan (in English)
6. June: Robel Temesgen (in English)

The student panel

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