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KH JH portrait sarah 6889
Sarah Lookofsky
Maren Kolle Riis 2
Maren Kolle Riis
Head of Administration
Ida Kierulf
Ida Kierulf
Chief Curator
Silja Espolin Johnson
Silja Espolin Johnson
Head of Programme Kunstnernes Hus Cinema
KH portrait abirami
Abirami Logendran
Film Programmer Cinema
Nina Kaasa nyny
Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa
Head of Education
Annika Simonsson 2
Annika Simonsson
Educational Coordinator
Leonie Merkl
Leonie Merkl
Communications Manager
Therese Ramstad Moen
Audience Coordinator
Øyvind Aspen
Øyvind Aspen
Head Technician
Alexander Qvale Gilje
Alexander Qvale Gilje
Operations Technician
1 X8 A9684
Sara-Lovise Ask Ewertson
Exhibition Technician
Jon Vogt Engeland 2
Jon Vogt Engeland
Technician Kunstnernes Hus Cinema
Marie Vallestad
Project Manager for Blikkåpner Oslo
Helen Sæther
Helen Sæther (on leave)
Audience Coordinator

Guides and receptionists

Dariusz Wojdyga
Evelin Sillén
Hamid Waheed
Sara Guldmyr
Anders Davidsen
Anna Sofie Mathiasen
Armita Keyani
Receptionist and project employee
Eli Mai Huang Nesse
Johanne Slatta
Annalise Wimmer

Art and cinema technicians

Joel Billekvist
Art technician
Lars Engnæs
Art technician
Matias Kiil
Art technician
Ayman Alazraq
Cinema Technician
Mathias Smith
Cinema technician
Piotr Wisniewski
Cinema technician


Pedro Gómez-Egaña
Chair of the board
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Deputy chair
Hilde Hauan Johnsen
Board member
Kjell Veivåg
Board member
Maya Økland
Board member
Svein Lund
Board member
Silja Espolin Johnson
Employee representative
Leonie Merkl
Deputy employee representative
Cecilie Nissen
Deputy board member
Marius Dahl
Deputy board member
Åse Ryvarden
Deputy board member


Hilde Tørdal
Chair - Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
Thale Fastvold
Deputy chair - Association of Freelance Photographers
André Tehrani
Council member - National Association of Norwegian Painters
Cathrine Alice Liberg
Council member - Norwegian Graphic Designers
Liv Bugge
Council member - Young Artists' Society
Roderick Hietbrink
Council member - Association of Norwegian Sculptors
Tanja Thorjussen
Council member - Association of Illustrators
Yola Maria Tsolis
Council member - Association of Norwegian Textile Artists
Marianne Heier
Deputy member - Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
Birgitte Sigmundstad
Deputy member - Association of Freelance Photographers
Mikael Øye Hegnar
Deputy member - National Association of Norwegian Painters
Karin Augusta Nogva
Deputy member - Norwegian Graphic Designers
Kåre A. Grundvåg
Deputy member - Young Artists' Society
Hanan Benammar
Deputy member - Association of Norwegian Sculptors
Ingeborg Annie Lindahl
Deputy member - Association of Illustrators
Hilde Frantzen
Deputy member - Association of Norwegian Textile Artists