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Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

Drawing workshop with Anne Rolfsen

Tegnetriennalen 2019
09.11.19 – 10.11.19

Welcome to Sentralkomposisjoner - A drawing workshop with artist Anne Rolfen! In this workshop the artist will share her artistic method. The participants will receive an introduction into the approach and in the following go deeper into the meditative drawing technique. Participation is free of charge but requires prior registration.

I try to do more than create - to play more than to think.

Anne Rolfsen

Om kurset

The drawing workshop has space for 20 participants and participation requires registration with confirmation. The workshop is free of charge and will be held two unrelated times, on Saturday, November 9 and on Sunday, November 10 between 13:00 til 15:00.

In order to register send an email to: nina@kunstnerneshus.no

Anne Rolfsen's drawings are based on a square grid in which beautiful, geometric shapes unfold from the center to the edge of the sheet. Rolfsen calls them central compositions (sentralkomposisjoner). The central compositions can be reminiscent of the mandala (Sanskrit to decorate in a circle). Well-known psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung worked for a time with the mandala, in a daily exercise. Anne Rolfsen also for a long period created one central composition every day as a meditation on one's own mood, a place to create order and balance. The mandala - or central composition - is found in many cultures around the world, and is often used in religious contexts.

The workshop is part of the Drawing Triennial's extended program "Før og etter streken" which opens up a broader reflection on drawing as a general expression and as a tool for understanding the world and ourselves.

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