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Reading: Elisabeth Mathisen og Ina Åsheim

Tegnetriennalen 2019
Sunday 19.01.20

On the last day of The Drawing Triennial, the audience is invited to listen to two readings by the Triennial artists Elisabeth Mathisen and Ina Åsheim. The event will be held in Norwegian and is free and open to everyone!


15:00 "Sorgtekster": Reading by Elisabeth Mathisen in the exhibition
15:30 "Lenge valgte jeg ordene. Nå velger jeg ordene": Reading by Ina Åsheim in the exhibition

About the artists

Elisabeth Mathisen shows the series Sorgarbeider (cold needle print) in the exhibition. In these works, the artist has chosen to take a close look at grief and not shade away the darkness surrounding death, but to open up ones own hurt feelings to an extra presence that the viewer can sense. In parallel with these works, Mathisen also processed her own grief over having lost her child to suicide through text: grief texts. Mathisen will read aloud from this text work that deals with loss, how grief is turned on and off, about the love that blends into the writings and the memories of the absent.

Ina Åsheim chose to draw. For a long time. She drew in many different conditions, also to survive. For her, drawing is about contact, and being close to the movements of one's inner life, being present in the exchange between the inner and the outer. Åsheim has always been drawing and writing in parallel, and in the beginning impulses transferred back and forth between drawing and text, they belonged on the same sheet. But eventually the tension grew around the words, and they demanded a medium for themselves. The writing gradually took over the drawing. This takeover has offered a kind of basketball for Åsheim: Why am I writing and not drawing? Or why did I draw and not write? The artist's contribution to The Drawing Triennial is a text that is read aloud by the artist during the exhibition opening and on the last day of the exhibition. Åsheim has given herself the contradictory task of writing a drawing for The Drawing Triennial.

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