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Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 12-20)


Music in the exhibition Horses Die Standing
Sunday 13.03.22
Poing Kunstnerens Hus2022

Welcome to a concert in Hanne Tyrmi's world. A world where things hang. Music in a room where sounds and things have their place. At the same time, music in a room where you can give your ears a little push, and then everything can swing in one direction or another. Before it falls into place again.

This Sunday we meet POING at a concert with music composed for POING. There will be three premieres! Music by Jonas Skaarud, a young composer from Odal who received the Edvard Prize in 2018 when he was still a student in Oslo. As well as premieres of Miklós Maros, a Hungarian who moved to Sweden and Wladimir Pantchev, a Bulgarian who moved to Vienna. You will hear music that is quiet and fragile, but also playful and dance-like. Always convincingly played by the musicians in POING.


POING was founded in 1999 by Frode Haltli (accordion), Håkon Thelin (double bass) and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophones). For POING, the most important thing has always been to make a difference. Either by realizing a composer's "impossible" dreams, surprising a blasé audience by showing that contemporary music is entertaining, and that within entertainment and madness there can be a strong political commitment and existential depth.

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