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Hanne Tyrmi

Horses Die Standing
28.01.22 – 20.03.22
Hanne Tyrmi Hester dør stående 0682

Kunstnernes Hus is proud to present the exhibition Horses Die Standing by the Norwegian artist Hanne Tyrmi, a comprehensive presentation of new works. Over the last two years, Tyrmi has created a large series of sculptures and installations – mainly constructed from lead – that occupy all of Kunstnernes Hus' exhibition halls with their massive presence and weight.

Lead has a mind of its own, like time itself. And you can’t govern time.

Hanne Tyrmi

About the exhibition

In Horses Die Standing, Hanne Tyrmi explores the vulnerability that characterizes both society and the individual, an experience of barriers and loss, power and powerlessness. Tyrmi uses ideas of the body – as social and political reality – as a pivotal point in her work.

The extensive use of lead forms an expressive dramaturgy through the halls, as stages in a life cycle. The lead is folded, stacked, bent and stretched. Lead is soft and enveloping, impenetrable and toxic all at the same time. The first work on view is positioned on top of the stairwell, where lead-clad boulders pile up. A giant installation of lead-clad tree trunks hangs from chains in the ceiling in one hall, while an extensive collection of lead objects hangs from hooks on mobile steel racks in the other. There is a sense of precariousness and fragility around the large lead objects hanging in the space, with a potential for movement a constant presence. A poignant contrast is presented in the lower exhibition hall, with its monumental, closed lead curtain limiting the visitor’s movements.

The exhibition is curated by Kunstnernes Hus’ senior curator Ida Kierulf and is followed by a public programme and a Minigraph publication containing an introduction by Kierulf, a conversation between Hanne Tyrmi and art historian and critic Line Ulekleiv, as well as an essay by art historian and writer Marit Paasche.

A large work produced for the exhibition, entitled Ten ways to stop your tears (2021), has been included in the collection of the National Museum of Art.

In dialogue with the exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, the artist-run exhibition Van Etten opens the exhibition Confessions with Hanne Tyrmi, which will be shown from 29 January to 27 February 2022. In contrast to Tyrmi's monumental work at Kunstnernes Hus, an installation of patinated duvets will create a different and more intimate atmosphere in the gallery room.

Exhibition leaflet

About the artist

Hanne Tyrmi (b. 1954) graduated from the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design in Oslo (1981–85). Tyrmi lives and works in Oslo, but has for longer periods of time lived abroad in Berlin, Brasil, Delhi, Johannesburg and Paris. Amongst others, she has done solo shows at the Museu de Arte Moderna in São Paulo, Henie Onstad Art Center, Haugar Art Museum and Kunstnerforbundet. The exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus is the largest presentation of Tyrmi’s work to date.

IMG 8836
Hanne Tyrmi in her studio

The exhibition is supported by Kulturrådet, Oslo kommune, Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond, Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse and Bergesenstiftelsen.

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