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The Great Backdoors
07.05.22 – 15.05.22

Welcome to The Great Backdoors, an exhibition series on the backside of Kunstnernes Hus. Throughout spring the artists in the FKDS-studios will present their duo-shows. The second one of the season will be Interface by Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo and Eirik Melstrøm.


Throughout spring there will be four shows hosted by the FKDS-artists:

Montserrat Llampallas & Elina Waage Mikalsen: 23-30th of April

Eirik Melstrøm & Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo: 7-8th and 13-15th of May

Mari Eriksen & Kier Cooke Sandvik: 28-29th of May and 3rd-5th of June

Yu Shuk Pui Bobby & Ole Petter Ribe: 18-19th and 25-26th of June

About the artists

Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo 郭展源 (b. 1994)

The root of his knowledge is memory, the vehicle in which he correlates between body, family, pictorial experience, object, and space. Drawing from these memories, perpetually categorised and designated narratives become identities in progress; the transformation of individual personhood in relation to collective rather than established entities.

Jacky’s artistic practice melds photographic narrative, installation, recording, and site-specific (cleaning, publishing) gestures. By employing the intimate and gentle touch of storytelling to his installations or sculptures, he confers a subtle access to a harder inquiry of the scenarios: the paradoxes of intimacy, identity insecurity, estrangement, and the latent violence of the patriarchal structure which permeates our society.

Eirik Melstrøm (b. 1987) works with sound, music, installation and text. He focused on the death of the inner voice, the relationship between artworks and ´lifeworks´, and the constant juggling of language, function and materiality present in day-to-day artistic workings. Melstrøms work includes transmitting radio signals into deep space, articulating language through sound, extensive research into the formation and materialization of mental images, as well as a focus on genetic coding as text and ways in which it can be archived. He is the founder of The B-Flat Society, an initiative dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and distribution of the note B-Flat, including the scales B-Flat Major and B-Flat Minor. Melstrøm is also composer and guitarist in the Oslo-based hardcore ensemble The Good The Bad and The Zugly.

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