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Education program

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Through our education program, we reach a wide range of children and facilitate interdisciplinary art experiences. Kunstnernes Hus collaborates closely with many schools in Oslo and Bærum, and adapts the offer to children in kindergarten and school classes up to upper secondary school, as well as art students. We aim to invite our young public to experience, analyze, and engage with art, artists and their practice.

Current exhibitions:

UKS - 100 years of conviviality

Art and politics for VGS

UKS parole 2019 Fri KUNST

School classes

We offer free tours and workshops for all ages from kindergarten and primary schools to upper secondary schools. The tours are based on dialogue and founded on the principles of a philosophical conversation adapted for each individual group. If you have any particular wishes as regards the content, we can help with this.

Contact Head of Education Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa to book a tour:

+47 22 85 34 17


Art schools

Free tours for all art schools! Our exhibitions are used by many people as part of teaching. The tours are given by established artists or art historians with a good understanding of relevant and specialist topics.

Contact Head of Education Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa to book a tour:

+47 22 85 34 17

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After school tours or family tours on Sundays, we hold workshops for children at Atelier Felix. Visual artist Annika Simonsson presents the theme of the exhibition and children are able to explore the materials, tools and techniques used by the featured artist. The children have the opportunity to be creative and present what they have made in an exhibition of their own.

We also arrange workshops for school pupils during the school holidays.

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