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Evelin Sillén (b. 1992 in Stockholm) is an artist and improvisational musician living in Oslo. She has a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts and has studied feminist and postcolonial theory at the Kvinnofolkhögskolan in Gothenburg. She works with text, sound and performance and is concerned with questions of class and identity. Evelin has several years' experience in communicating art and has created several workshops for children and young people, including Blikkåpnerne and Plot/Oslo.

Tina Kryhlmann (b. 1986) is a visual artist and writer with a Master's in Art from Malmö Academy of the Arts. In her art, she works across different media and techniques. Her art is often about exploring expanded empathy and language. She has extensive experience with art communication for children and young people.

Hamid Waheed (b. 1995) is a filmmaker and visual artist utilizing moving images, as well as writing and performing. He has an MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, a BFA in Moving Images from Nordland School of Arts and Film and is part of the curatorial collective HÆRK.

Dariusz Wojdyga (b. 1975) is currently taking his master's degree at the in metal and jewellery art at KHiO. He has artistic experience with painting, video, sculpture, installation, photography and music. He is a curator and content manager for the jewellery art gallery Galleri Skranken (KHiO) and the art gallery Go To Gate at the Flytårnet Culture Center in Fornebu. He is trained kindergarten teacher from OsloMet and has worked with creating creative tasks for children for many years.