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Our Edition series offers artworks in limited editions by artists who have exhibited in Kunstnernes Hus' skylight halls. Each edition sold in the shop is made especially for Kunstnernes Hus. By purchasing one, you acquire a unique work of art that is not available elsewhere. All profits from the sale go to support Kunstnernes Hus' program and future projects.

The following editions are available in our store:

Kim Hiorthøy

Kim Hiorthøy silketrykk KH

In connection with his solo exhibition Hole in the Wall, Kim Hiorthøy has specially created a screen printing.

See? Screen printing. 70 x 100 cm. Edition of 20.

Price: 6 500 NOK (incl. art tax)

In order to purchase the edition, contact post@kunstnerneshus.no or ask us at the reception desk.

Ida Ekblad


The exhibition of the Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad, GIRL FIRES UP STOVE, opens in June 2021 and is Ekblad's largest exhibition in Scandinavia to this date. Specially produced for the exhibition, an exclusive silkscreen print edition is for sale in the bookshop.

58.5 x 44 cm
Screen printing on paper
Edition of 200/30 AP / 5 PP

Price: 10 500 NOK (includes art tax)

In order to purchase the edition, contact butikken@kunstnerneshus.no or ask us at the reception desk.

Hanne Tyrmi

Edisjon Tyrmi 11

Horses Die Standing is Hanne Tyrmi's largest exhibition to date. In connection with the exhibition, a specially made hand sculpture of bronze is for sale in the shop at Kunstnernes Hus.

Håndskulptur. Patinated bronze. Edition of 20.

Price: 6 300 NOK (includes art tax)

In order to purchase the edition, contact post@kunstnerneshus.no or ask us at the reception desk.

Yngve Holen

Edisjon Yngve Holen redigert

The Norwegian-German artist Yngve Holen (b. 1982) showed his largest solo exhibition in Norway at Kunstnernes Hus in the spring of 2019. The exhibition was entitled HEINZERLING and examined the relationship between man and technology, the organic and the industrial, the generic and the individual. The title reflected the artist in his origins as Norwegian-German, as HEINZERLING is the last surname he has in his passport. Through a play with this duality, he asks new questions to his artistry. What lies in the connections to our surroundings, be it linguistic, visual or place-bound?

Price: 3 150,- (includes art tax)

Mari Slaattelid


Since the 1990s, Mari Slaattelid has distinguished herself as one of Norway's most profiled painters, with a sharp view of the painting's possibilities and boundaries. The exhibition Template at Kunstnernes Hus in Spring / Summer 2020 showed both new and older works. Her edition is based on the Grunnfjell series.

Slaattelid was in 2019 a festival exhibitor in Bergen, and the presentation at Kunstnernes Hus is a collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall. The two institutions have co-produced the book Templates published in May 2019 by the German publisher Sternberg Press, also on sale in the bookstore.

Linoprint, edition of 30. 56 x 76 cm.

Price: 3 150,- (includes art tax)

Ragna Bley

Edisjoner Bley

For her solo exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Stranger's Eye, Ragna Bley has specially created a series of unique works on paper. The series is titled Heap and includes 20 works.

Heap. 30 x 42 cm (A3). Vinyl colour on paper. Edition of 20.

Price: 20 000 NOK per work (incl. art tax)

In order to purchase the edition, contact post@kunstnerneshus.no or ask us at the reception desk.

Frida Orupabo

Edisjon Frida Orupabo redigert

Frida Orupabo (b. 1986) exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus in 2019 in her first exhibition in Norway, Medicine for a Nightmare. Orupabo's raw and disturbing collages explore the importance of skin color, sexuality and gender, and stage the body's vulnerability and vulnerability. Orupabo had invited the renowned American artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa (b. 1960) to the exhibition.

Price: 1 800,-

This edition is sold out.