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This summer at Kunstnernes Hus ☀️
Open today 12-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

Podcast: Vakkert arbeid

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Vakkert arbeid is a podcast series in eight parts where Marte Vold talks to filmmakers about how they work, think and to what degree they doubt their own work. She tries to get answers to questions she frequently asks herself as a filmmaker: Where and what is it that makes a film come alive? How do you grab a hold of it? And how do you balance artistic, material and emotional aspects in the border zone between the art world and the commercial film industry?

With most of the guests Marte Vold talks to in this podcast she has collaborated with as a cinematographer on one or several films. The conversations are based on themes and shared experiences from pre-production and recording to post-production. They talk about film as an art form, creative processes, money and distribution, and about film as an excuse to get close to other people's lives.

The title of the podcast is inspired by French filmmaker Claire Denis' 1999 film Beau Travail. It is produced in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus Cinema.