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Closed today (Restaurant closed)

The Same Sun

28.01.23 – 29.01.23
Akademirommet jan 22

Welcomr to a new exhibition at Akademirommet, with Åsa Elida Wigum, Samira Tohidi, Marthin Espeland and Mohamed Mohamed.

4.6 billion years ago our sun was formed. We still haven’t gotten enough of it. We probably never will. It reminds us of our place in time, it reminds us of what has been and prepares us for what is to come.
We, artists Åsa Elida Wigum Skjetne and Samira Tohidi, are showing our and other invited artists work (TBA) at our exhibition THE SAME SUN at Akademirommet – to shed some light on what the sun means to us.
A warm welcome.»

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