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The Natural State of the Art: 3 Chapters on Art, Nature and Ecology

Chapter 1: Re-Imagine
Friday 08.04.22
Hovedbilde Digital rendering av verket Vekselvirkning for Bærum Kommunegård Marte Eknæs MAIN bærum frog 01

For the last episode of the Agenda seminars this semester, we have wandered out of the forest, realized our potential as an engaging agent, and are now looking to the city, and how our role as both agent and artist may influence the way we live and the structures we build our cities upon.

The seminar will be held in Norwegian.

The lecture series is a collaboration between Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Kunstnernes Hus.


It might be suitable the we wrap up this series about art and nature with exactly the city, as it is, and the community building it, that living in different constellations in it is part of the foundation of being human in our time. From basic and sporadic groups of people living in vast rural areas, to farming land, initiating trading, animal husbandry and so on, we have built a community, and citiies that challenge both people, architecture, transport and perception.

When we now look into the future, it might be with some bitterness over the towering mountains of glass and concrete, a belief in the future that didn´t realize the basic premises we all live off of – the nature. A city becomes a place where everybody can meet, where the grey is as visible as the green and earthly - or even more, people live in luxury and poverty side by side, people become forgotten and some hides, while others find themselves too visible.

The city is, and might always be, a problematic place at the same time as it also is a place for dreams. And we now are standing here, in this moment, we might be obligated to think of what a city will be in the future? So it doesn´t rush off into a modernistic superstition of all grey, but emphasize how it, like us, can live symbioticly with all in and around the city.


09:30 - 09:35 Welcome

09:35 - 10:20 Åse Løvgren - The latent city

10:30 - 11:15 Marte Eknæs - Interaction

11:25 - 12:15 Siri Hermansen - Land of Freedom

12:15 - 12:30 Q&A


Siri Hermansen is an artist and filmmaker. Though microstudies and participating observations she investigates societies that go through radical financial, political and/or environmental change. Hermansen has focused on humans and natures ability to adapt and new survival strategies that come to life when cisis occur.
For the past years hermansens art has mainly circled politics, territorial rights and capitalism, which she sees in direct context to new colonization.

Marte Eknæs is a phd fellow at the department of Art and Craft, KHiO. Her artistic practice is largely contextual or situation specific, end embodies sculpture, text, digital collage, video and drawings. She often collaborates with other artists, or other diciplines. Since 2019 she runs the website www.formsofflexibility.space.

Åse Løvgren is an artist living in Sævareid and Bergen. For the moment she is concerned about the resolution of places in out time, where cultural practices and ways of production easily can be moved, at the same time as the intervention on nature, conditions for production and phenomenons such as extreactivism easily can have local impact. In relation to specific sights Løvgren tries to grasp the techological infrastructure and the global context that the landscape is part of. Løvgren often collaborates in constellations where the artistic signature, copyright and dialogue can be put at stake.

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