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Guided tour with Plot/Oslo

For young people between 15-25
Thursday 10.03.22
Kunstne hus JH Hanne Tyrmi 9070

Join this year's first Plot/Oslo event, where we visit the exhibition Horses die standing at Kunstnernes Hus. We meet in the room Atelier Felix, where we get to know each other a bit before the tour starts. The tour lasts about an hour, and afterwards we have a creative workshop where we build sculptures in cardboard and tape.

About the exhibition

Hanne Tyrmi has always expressed herself through the materials - the hand and the thought are always in dialogue. Through the processing of materials such as lead, steel, bronze, felt and cardboard, the artist conveys basic human experiences and gives them physical and tactile form.

In Horses Die Standing, the artist wants to explore the vulnerability that characterizes both society and the individual, an experience of barriers and loss, strength and powerlessness.

Her kan du lese mer om utstillingen.

About Plot/Oslo

Plot/Oslo is an art club for everyone between 15-25 years of age. The club is a collaboration between the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the National Museum and Kunstnernes Hus. Plot/Oslo organizes activities such as guided tours of exhibitions, workshops, excursions, film screenings and meetings with artists and curators. All activities are free of charge.

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