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This summer at Kunstnernes Hus ☀️
Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

Maia Urstad and Pearla Pigao in conversation

Sunday 26.05.24
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Welcome to a conversation with the artists behind this year's summer exhibitions: Maia Urstad and Pearla Pigao. The conversation is led by curator Ida Kierulf (in Norwegian).

About the exhibitions

In the summer of 2024, we have the pleasure of presenting solo exhibitions by two generations of artists who work with sound as a focal point: Pearla Pigao (born in 1984) and Maia Urstad (born in 1954). The artists process sound in very different ways and place the viewer in different positions as listener. With Weaving Voices, Pigao explores sound in hyper-sensitive installations with textiles and water that react to the presence and movement of the visitor. In Do You Hear That Whistling Sound?Urstad invites us on a journey into our everyday sound universe in an exhibition that reflects on the transience of technology and the auditory traces we leave behind, which are part of our collective unconscious.

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