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Let’s make a Museum

Agenda Art and Craft
Friday 26.01.24
The Museum of Longing and Failure MOLAF Approximation No 47 2016

In this Agenda we will look closer on what a museum is. With Liv Brissach, Andrew Taggart og Chloe Lewis, Ellef Prestsæter and Anders Bettum.

The Agenda Arts and Crafts seminar series is organized by the Oslo Academy of the Arts in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus.

About the event

Now what is a museum? Is it that old – or new – monster of a building, holding the treasures of the world for you to see? Is it time frozen, and time regained? Is it a way of writing history? And in that manner deciding who is the author of said history?

When we have asked these questions, the next to follow must be what then should be in the museum? Should there be only ancient artifacts? Or should there be a piece of the contemporary? But how can we make a space that showcases history, and at the same time mirrors our contemporary?

And finally who can and should curate or build that museum, and not at least who can and should be able visit them? Can a museum be made out of feelings? From one persons interest? Can it represent more than what it contains, and can they be living, breathing spaces that shift and turns to mirror our understanding not only of our time, but times past, and times yet to come?

in Let’s make a Museum we will attempt to approach some of these questions, to understand how we can utilize the shape and form of the museum to represent and be more than a building made up of artifacts—although such a collection could also be interest and expand our understanding depending on how and by what means those artifacts came into the museum. We will in this Agenda be presented with artist initiated collections, artists that use the museum as a creative and living act, how to create a museum a new, and how to create spaces within museums that are inclusive, participatory, and collaborative.


09:30-10:00 Coffee and Mingle

10:00-10:05 Introduction by Marius Moldvær

10:05-10:50 Liv Brissach - Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in Bodø

11:00-11:45 Chloe Lewis and Andrew Taggart on the Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:45 Ellef Prestsæter, Guttormsgaards Archive

14:00-14:45 Anders Bettum: Three Modes of Participation - Collaborative Exhibition Projects at the Intercultural Museum in Oslo

14:45-15:15 QandA


Liv Agenda
Chloe og andrew
Ellef Prestsæter alongside works by Anna Sofie Mathiasen
Anders bettum

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