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Closed today (Restaurant 11-21)

Artists presenting artists with Khalid Salimi

Saturday 13.03.21

Welcome to a new edition of Artist presenting artists, a series that invites artists to talk about our current exhibitions from their personal and professional point of view. This time, human-rights activist and cultural critic Khalid Salimi presents selected works in the exhibition Actions of Art and Solidarity (curated by Office for Contemporary Art Norway).

The guided tour will be available on this page.

About Khalid Salimi

Khalid Salimi is the director of Melahuset and Melafestivalen, editor-in-chief of Samora Forum, one of the founders of the Anti-Racist Center and former deputy chairman of the Cultural Council. He has been active in the anti-racist movement in Norway since the 1970s.

About Melahuset

Launched in 2016, Melahuset is a cultural organization and music and art venue in Oslo with historical links to Norwegian and international solidarity work, including Immigrant Collective and the multilingual Immigrant Radio, as well as the Norwegian Anti-Racist Center.

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