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Closed today (Restaurant 11-22)

Hold On

By Ingri Fiksdal
14.01.23 – 15.01.23
KH JH Holding Pattern 5621

Ingri Fiksdal's performance piece Hold On is performed on the staircase as a part of the exhibition Holding Pattern.

Hold On

Hold On (an expression that means both to wait and to hold tight, in terms of physical or mental endurance) is based on the Swedish avant-garde poet Åke Hodell’s 1963 work igevär, which is at once a poem, a musical score, an installation and a sound work. A choreographic exploration of Hodell’s method, Fiksdal’s performance looks at various practices for disciplining the body and then examines how these can be unlocked to create a displacement of meaning.

The performance is a part of the exhibition Holding Pattern, on view from November 25, 2022 until January 15, 2023 and supported by the Goethe Institut. Learn more about the exhibition.


Concept and choreography: Ingri Fiksdal

Dancers: Rannei Grenne og Louis Schou-Hansen/Ornilia Ubisse

Costumes: Margaret Abebe Abeshu

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