Camilla Edström Ödemark / Kaare Ruud

Dressing Room
16.07.21 – 18.07.21
Dressing Room

With the arrival of summer, eight recently graduated artists within the FKDS studio grant program will host a series of duo exhibitions. Camilla Edström Ödemark and Kaare Ruud present Dressing Room.

About the exhibition

In the dressing room of our studio sets of works has been changed for others. Heeps of discarded trials has gathered in the corners, things organised in sections of what-to-keeps, maybes and definitive no-no’s.

The dressing room is an intimate room, where uncertainties and flaws are shared under brightly lit lights. Secrets exchanged and friendships forged. We’re happy to invite you in, to see what took place behind the curtains and what was nearly forgotten on the racks.

About the artists

By activating myths, science fiction and horror tropes, the works of Camilla Edström Ödemark reveal subconscious boundaries between (her own) identity and that which is ascribed alien. A looming instability reflects itself as a rupture and a displacement of the self. As a consequence, her practice, including text, video, installation and sculpture, exists in a place where the terms of identity oscillate between definition and total resolution.

Kaare Ruud work interdisciplinary with sculpture, installation, performance and text. He is particularly interested in illuminating perceptions of objects and environments in collision or in meeting with the body. He is interested in semi-banal concepts such as time, nostalgia and language (accessibility). He works with these notions through re-contextualising found objects that have a strong connection to the past, yet the objects keep coming back into the spotlight as «trendy», such as the Norwegian-made Respatex-serie. The intention for this object was for it to look like designer furniture, whilst being affordable for the working class.

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