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Into My Lungs

Film screening and talk with Ayman Alazraq and Emanuel Svedin
Wednesday 18.05.22
Cotton factory worker 5

In collaboration with Kunsthall Oslo, we invite you to the premiere of Into My Lungs, a documentary about working conditions in the textile industry in Bangladesh.

The screening will be followed by a conversation in English with filmmakers Ayman Alazraq and Emanuel Svedin, led by Silja Espolin Johnson.

About the film

Into My Lungs is a documentary film that looks at working conditions within the textile industry in Bangladesh, where cotton mills supply cheap labour to many of the West's largest fast fashion corporations. With no alternative means of survival, many of the workers - who begin their working life as teenagers - have to accept subsistence wages and the threat of the debilitating chronic lung disease byssinosis.

Initiated by the artists Ayman Alazraq and Emanuel Svedin, the Into My Lungs project was transformed by the intervention of the pandemic and the addition of the Dhaka-based producer Fouzia Choudury to the collaboration. Alazraq and Svedin were able to turn their enforced distance from the production into an advantage, as Choudury and the local film crew were able to gain unprecedented access to factories and hospitals, as well as intimate insights into all aspects of the situation.

The production of Into My Lungs has been funded by Kulturrådet and Oslo kommune.

About the filmmakers

Ayman Alazraq (b. 1979, Jerusalem) is an artist, filmmaker and program assistant at Kunstnernes Hus Cinema. He is one of the founders of the Ramallah-based production company Idioms Film and has produced a number of works and short films, which have been exhibited and shown internationally.

Emanuel Svedin (b. 1983, Stockholm) lives and works in Stockholm and Oslo. Svedin has a BFA from the Art Academy in Oslo (2008), and an MFA from Valand Art Academy (2012). Svedin's artistic practice is based on sculpture, video and installation. Thematically, the works develop out of an interest in specific materials and places - their political, geographical, historical conditions, their characteristics and conflicts.

Alazraq and Svedin studied together and have collaborated before.

Alazraq Svedin KORO LOWRE Sphoto Niklas Hart 2

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