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Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

Sleep Locks the Bones

Sound installation by Maritea Dæhlin
14.03.24 – 21.03.24
Sleep locks the bones

Sleep Locks the Bones by Maritea Dæhlin is a sound performance where text and voice stand at the center in a collective experience around the theme of sleep. Audiences, in small groups, are invited to settle into a comfortable position, relax and then listen to a voice that fails to do just that: to relax. The piece intertwines language, rhythms, narratives, and dreams, creating a vibrant scenic auditory landscape.

Sleep Locks the Bones will be shown in a gallery space at Kunstnernes Hus between March 14-21 and in a black box at Black Box teater between April 10-14.

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About the work

"Sleep" is the theme that ties it all together. Sleep as a metaphor for a place where we can completely let go, feel safe, give space to our subconsciousness and dreams. But also an invocation of its opposite: being completely awake, so much so that you continuously read the world around you.

There are many of us who struggle with sleep, who wake up at night with thoughts that won't let go and continue weighing on us throughout the day. It may be because we are high on life and work, high on adrenaline – or for darker reasons, events and experiences from the past that have scarred us so deeply that they prevent us from giving in to sleep.

Is it possible to allow yourself to just be, to let go of the alertness that makes you constantly read your surroundings? Does everyone have the opportunity for such a state of being? There are some of us who are always awake, especially when out among people, in a theater, in an airport, at a party or on a quiet road at night – but also when we are alone and trying to sleep.

In connection with their 30th anniversary in 2022, Nordic Black Theatre invited three artists connected to the theater to create their own artistic projects. One of these artists is Maritea Dæhlin, who herself was a student at Nordic Black Express in the period 2007–2010. Maritea wanted to involve institutions with different expressions and art forms, to which she feels a closeness in her own work. She subsequently invited Black Box teater and Kunstnernes Hus, making the project a collaboration between these three institutions.

Sleep locks the bones will also be shown at Black Box teater in the period 10-14. April 2024. Click here for tickets.

About the artist

Maritea Dæhlin is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Norway and Mexico. She studied Devised Theater at Dartington College of Arts (2007-2010) and was an associate artist at Black Box teater (2021–2022). She is interested in human behaviours, emotions, rituals and encounters. Her work spans between theater, video, sound, performance art and text. Her art comes off as playful, non-linear and sometimes absurd. In 2021, Dæhlin created the sound work I guess you have a lot of questions. A bedtime story. in connection with the exhibition Actions of Art and Solidarity curated by OCA at Kunstnernes Hus. Moreover, she has previously presented the works I WANT TO BE TRADITIONAL and Originally a plant.

Maritea Dæhlin
Photo: Ingrid Fadnes
Concept, director, text, voice actressMaritea Dæhlin
Sound designTruls Hannemyr
Scenography, lights, production managementCorentin JPM Leven
Props, scenographySoh Tokunaga
Outside earsArturo Tovar, Hannah Wozene Kvam
Administration, distributionElisabeth Carmen Gmeiner
A commissioned work byNordic Black Theatre
Co-productionBlack Box teater
Collaboration partnerKunstnernes Hus
Supported byKulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fritt Ord, Dramatikkens hus
Extra creditsThanks to Elin Grinaker and Anne Beate Hovind
Main imageIngrid Fadnes

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