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Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 12-20)
Heske is

Marianne Heske: ICEBREAKER

Outdoor sound installation
27.11.20 – 18.12.20

Like many other cultural institutions, Kunstnernes Hus is currently closed and the house is quiet. We have invited the Norwegian artist Marianne Heske to break the silence that the global pandemic has brought about in the form of her sound installation ICEBREAKER. ICEBREAKER lets the audience experience the poetic and dramatic sound of ice being broken into ice crystals in calm waters. The sound was recorded with a stereo microphone by the artist herself, lying in the bow of an icebreaker that made its way through the ice and into the fjord to make space for other boats. The soundscape alternates between the violent noise from compact, thick ice that breaks, sections with thinner ice, and at times the silence of open water, before it rumbles about again.

The journey lasts 45 minutes and goes in a loop in front of the entrance to Kunstnernes Hus. Click on the picture above to hear an excerpt.

About the artist

Marianne Heske is one of Norway's most renowned contemporary artists, especially known for her doll head sculptures, video paintings and installations that explore the interaction between man and nature reflected in the human mind. She was educated in Bergen, Paris, London and Maastricht and has had an extensive exhibition activity both at home and abroad, including at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, as well as the biennials in Venice and São Paulo. She is currently working on the graphic exhibition La poupée aux pensées trop dangereuses / Dukken med for farlige tanker at Norske Grafikere (19.11.- 19.12.2020).


Picture above: The Arctic ship "Melshorn" breaks the ice from Fjørå and into Tafjord, January 1959. From Foreninga Sjøfart og Sjøbruk.

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