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Kim Hiorthøy

Hole in the Wall
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This summer, Kunstnernes Hus has the pleasure of welcoming you to Kim Hiorthøy's solo exhibition Hole in the Wall.

"I have several times tried to think of an apartment in which there would be a useless room, absolutely and intentionally useless. It wouldn’t be a junkroom, it wouldn’t be an extra bedroom, or a corridor, or a cubby-hole, or a corner. It would be a functionless space. It would serve for nothing, relate to nothing."

— George Perec, The Apartment

"Why doesn’t Sancho also fight the giant?", asks the boy.
"Because Sancho knows the giant is really a windmill, and you can't fight against a windmill. A windmill is not a living thing."
"He's not a windmill, he's a giant! He’s only a windmill in the picture."

— J. M. Coetzee, The Childhood of Jesus

About the exhibition

Kim Hiorthøy has a broad interdisciplinary approach to artistic work and is active as a visual artist, choreographer, photographer, graphic designer, author and filmmaker. For this exhibition, he has created a site-specific installation consisting of free-standing structures that the public can both move through and climb on. It is a work that encourages exploration, where the audience's way of moving in and around the work also facilitates a new experience of Kunstnernes Hus' architecture. The structures contain the artist's own drawings, and invite visitors to experience a space that is simultaneously present and imaginary.

The exhibition is followed by a publication that contains a conversation between Kim Hiorthøy and filmmaker and author Dag Johan Haugerud.

Hole in the Wall is an exhibition with houses or models of houses. There are also drawings, with houses or models of houses, and houses or models of houses, with drawings. Hole in the Wall is an exhibition about building something and about trying to escape, and trying to escape by building something.

Kim Hiorthøy

About the artist

Kim Hiorthøy (b. 1973) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the School of Visual Arts in New York and The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. He has a longstanding career as a graphic designer and illustrator, in addition to having worked with music, text, performance and film. In 2017, he made the feature film The Rules for Everything, which was screened in Norwegian cinemas. In 2019, he published the book Ferdig omslag kommer snart (Finished Cover Coming Soon), a collection of his design and illustration works from 1994-2019. In August 2022, his new book Knivtid (Knife time) will be published by Forlaget Oktober.

Previous exhibitions include Bergen Kunsthall, Galleri Dropsfabrikken, 14th Vilnius Painting Triennial, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and New Jerseyy, Basel.

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