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How to write about art? - In-depth study

Writing seminar with Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs
28.08.23 – 11.09.23
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Welcome to a new edition of the popular writing seminar with Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs.

The seminar is in Norwegian.

About the seminar

This online seminar is for anyone who wants to gain insight into the art of cross-disciplinary writing in nearly any text genre; shorter texts and social media, Haiku poems, essays, articles and more. The course is meant for an adult audience with a desire to immerse themselves in art and express themselves through text.


The course itakes place on Zoom the following times:
28 Aug: 5-8 pm
4 Sep: 15-8:30 pm
11 Sep: 5-8 pm

About Ugelstad Elnæs

Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs (b. 1995) is an author and journalist. In 2019, she published the novel "Yoona" at Kolon publishing house. In 2022, the book «Skeive ikoner» was published, where she in collaboration with author Bjørn Hatterud and photographer Fin Serck-Hanssen has created a generational portrait of gay people over the age of 50 through photographs and interviews. Elnæs has attended the Academy of Writing in Bergen and the author study in Bø. She has a background in art history and today works as a journalist in the queer magazine Blikk.

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