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Norsk kunstårbok 2021

Conversation with Susanne Christensen, Olga Schmedling and Elisabeth Tetens Jahn
Friday 29.10.21
Kunstårbok 2021

On the occasion of the Norwegian Art Yearbook's 30th anniversary in 2022, we present a conversation between the founding editors Olga Schmedling and Elisabeth Tetens Jahn and the new editor Susanne Christensen. The conversation starts exactly 19:30.

About the event

On the occasion of the Norwegian Art Yearbook's 30th anniversary in 2022, the new editor Susanne Christensen interviews the founders of the publication Olga Schmedling and Elisabeth Tetens Jahn. Light refreshments. Books and exotic merchandise can be purchased at a mildly reduced price.

2020 was a year marked by a tangled crisis complex with the corona pandemic as the clearest exponent. The theme for the Norwegian Art Yearbook 2021, which summarizes 2020, is development crises. This word implies a positive view of the crisis, that it is a necessary stage for constant renewal. Art life, and thus also the Norwegian art yearbook, has been in crisis. With a new editor, a new publisher and new book design, exciting changes are on the way for our publication, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022, but suddenly we were in an unexpected situation where society was shut down, including most physical exhibition spaces across the country. That is why we are extra proud to be able to present a book that has been created under pressure from many angles. Pax Forlag has been an important part of our history since the 90s, but we will now work closely with the Oslo-based art book publisher Uten tittel. At a time when art coverage is disappearing from newspaper pages, the Norwegian Art Yearbook has become even more important for the survival of in-depth, essayistic art criticism in print media.

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