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Closed today (Restaurant 11-21)
20190822 Ed Atkins still

Ed Atkins and Anne Hilde Neset

Conversation in English
Thursday 22.08.19

In autumn 2019, Kunstnernes Hus proudly presented a new edition of SILVER SERIES with a newly minted redux of works by British artist Ed Atkins.

In his video works, Atkins plumbs the corporeal depths of digital moving imagery. Computer generated animation, emo musical theatre, collaged stock imagery, field recording, performance capture, disease, motion graphics and starless humour muster within his videos. Atkins’ unique visual language, both melancholic and absurd, confronts the viewer with intimate, arcane visions that seem caught in a purgatory of afterwards.

For his presentation in Kunstnernes Hus’ cinema, entitled Death Mask 5, Atkins presented a specially compiled mix of works from the past decade. Sequenced and edited like a particularly adventurous provincial multiplex programme, Atkins’ assemblage featured unseen tests, trailers and teasers interspersing sections of significant works from his catalogue.

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