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Closed today (Restaurant 11-22)

Algorithms and patterns

Lena Lindgren and Anne Hilde neset in conversation
Sunday 15.01.23
Lingren neset

In what psychological and technological patterns are we held? Do we control the algorithms or do they control us? How do they manifest themselves, sensory-wise and socially?

On the final day of the exhibition Holding Pattern We welcome you to a conversation between Lena Lindgren and Anne Hilde Neset. The conversation will be in Norwegian.


Lena Lindgren is a commentator in Morgenbladet and the writer of Ekko. Et essay om algoritmer og begjær (2021).

Anne Hilde Neset was the director of Kunstnernes Hus until December 2022. She has worked as a writer and editor at the London-based music magazine The Wire, a founder of several music festivals in the UK and Norway. She is one of the founders of the curatorial agency Electra.

The exhibition Holding Pattern is curated by Neset and award-winning novelist Tom McCarthy. Read more about it here

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