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The Undercurrent

Film screening | Q+A with Rory Pilgrim and Liam Neupert
Thursday 18.11.21
77 Undercurrent

Welcome to the Norwegian premiere of The Undercurrent, a film which asks how we can deal with the global climate crisis on an intimate and personal level. Director Rory Pilgrim received the Prix de Rome for the film, the oldest and most prestigious award in the Netherlands for artists under the age of 40. The screening will be followed by an artist talk with Pilgrim and collaborating artist and activist Liam Neupret.

The screening is presented in collaboration with the Young Artists' Society (UKS) in connection with their seminar How Do We Carry On? taking place the same day.

About the film

Filmed in Boise, Idaho in the USA, The Undercurrent was made with ten youth climate activists from Boise and small towns from the surrounding area who responded to an online open call. While the climate crisis appears to be the most important theme, the activists explore how it interconnects with other aspects of their lives including family, religion, friendship, the fight for gender equality and the essential need of a home. Exploring further questions of home, security, shelter, communication and nature, members from the local homeless community from Boise reflect on their experiences. For what is it that makes us feel like we belong somewhere: Is it a home, a country, or each other?

About the filmmaker

Rory Pilgrim (b. 1988, UK) lives and works in Ee (NL) and the Isle of Portland (UK). Rory studied Fine Arts at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (2005-2008) and was a participant at De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2008-2010). Pilgrim works with a wide range of media, including songwriting, composition, film, music videos, text, drawing and live performances. Rory's work is inspired by activist, feminist and socio-political art, and aims to challenge how we come together, speak, listen and strive for social change.

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