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Closed today (Restaurant 11-21)
Leilani New York Photo Janice d Avila 1920x1080

PUSH by Fredrik Gertten

Home Cinema
20.05.21 – 25.05.21

Landlords without faces. Apartments without renters. A documentary exploring the new, unliveable city.

This is the first of three screenings organized in collaboration with the Art Academy in Oslo and as part of the project Borgernes Bakgårdskino.

Follow the link below to secure tickets to the screening.

About the film

Housing prices are skyrocketing in cities around the world. Incomes are not. PUSH sheds light on a new kind of faceless landlord, our increasingly unliveable cities and an escalating crisis that has an effect on us all. This is not gentrification, it’s a different kind of monster. The film follows Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, as she’s travelling the globe, trying to understand who’s being pushed out of the city and why.

About the director

Fredrik Gertten is an award-winning Swedish director and journalist. His latest works Becoming Zlatan (2016), Bikes vs Cars (2015), Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (2012) and Bananas!* (2009) have met audiences in over 100 countries and screened at leading festivals. In 1994, he founded the documentary production company WG Film, famous for local stories with a global understanding and impact. He previously worked as a foreign correspondent and columnist for radio, TV and press in Africa, Latin America, Asia and around Europe. Today he combines filmmaking with a role as a creative producer at WG Film.

In October 2017, Fredrik was named Honorary Doctor at Malmö University’s Faculty of Culture and Society for his work as a documentary filmmaker.

About Borgernes Bakgårdskino

Borgernes Bakgårdskino (The Citizen’s Backyard Cinema) is a collaboration between Kunstnernes Hus Kino and the graduation exhibition Til salgs (For Sale) of the Art Academy's bachelor students, which currently takes place in the Art Academy's old premises in St. Olavs gate 32 in Oslo. This culturally important building has recently been sold to a family-owned investment company, which will turn the building into a hotel. Consequently, St. Olavs gate 32 joins a number of public cultural-historical buildings, originally built to develop cultural and knowledge production that benefits the public, which are now sold on the open market. The program, which is streamed directly from the backyard, questions the anti-social urban development through films, artist talks and panel discussions.

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