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Lars Monrad Vaage Marius Moe


Lars Monrad Vaage in conversation with Marius Moe
Sunday 24.10.21

Welcome to the premiere of visual artist Lars Monrad Vaage's new work Marthasykkeltiurbil, a black and white silent film accompanied by a four-handed composition for church organ. After the screening, there will be a conversation between the visual artists Lars Monrad Vaage and Marius Moe about Marthasykkeltiurbil, and on watching making films that are based on painting.

After the conversation, there will be a screening of Monrad Vaage's three films Marthasykkeltiurbil (2021), Winter Night (2018) and Solslyng (2016), a total of approx. 20 min.

About the films

Marthasykkeltiurbil (2021, 5 min) retells a true story that happened to a neighbour of Vaage a couple of years ago. One morning Martha cycled to work from the cabin where she lived on the border of a mountain. As she cycles down the steep slopes towards the village, a busy cabin tourist drives past her on the narrow gravel road, as a capercaillie is frightened up from the edge of the ditch and flies into her front wheel.

(2017) is a two-minute long video that is as much a sculpture as a film. A catapult has been built where the sun goes down, and repeated attempts are made to shoot a fireball into the sky. The film is based on a recurring motif in Vaage's paintings and drawings, a selection of which can be seen in the exhibition The Fireball Drawings at the screening site Hermetiske Skygger in October and November.

Where Solslyng is about the sun and a fight against gravity, Winter Night (2019, 14 min) takes place in the moonlight of midwinter. The subject and the camera are static, and the entire course of action consists of changing light effects. The whole canvas becomes a monochrome gray surface when the fog comes drifting, and the snow crystals shine like a sea of ​​diamonds when the moon appears behind the clouds.

About the filmmaker

Lars Monrad Vaage (b. 1973, Oslo) lives and works in Ål in Hallingdal and exhibits regularly at home and abroad. LMV has a degree from the art academies in Helsinki and Oslo and in recent years has exhibited at the Technical Museum (Oslo), Momentum (Moss) and Galerie Sabine Knust (Munich). This autumn, he is currently working on exhibitions at LNM, Hermetiske Skygger and Kunstnernes Hus Kino with painting, drawing and film.

Marius Moe (b. 1972) is a visual artist working with oil paintings, drawings and graphics. In recent years, he has mainly worked with landscapes, portraits and still lifes. He is particularly interested in the spaces between cultivated land and wild nature - and of cultural landscapes as the meeting point between man and nature.

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