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Ane Hjort Guttu in conversation with Lotte Konow Lund
Thursday 20.05.21
Ane Hjort Guttu 1

We are pleased to present the preview of Ane Hjort Guttu's film Manifesto (2020). The film will be screened live and followed by a conversation between Ane Hjort Guttu and the artist Lotte Konow Lund. Click the link below to secure your tickets to the event!

The screening is a collaboration between Kunstnernes Hus Kino and the graduation show For Sale by the Oslo Art Academy's bachelor students.

About the film

Manifesto is a fictional story about an art school, which on the surface functions as an institute of fine art in a large, consolidated university. Secretly however, the institute operates as an autonomous, experimen­tal school with its own rules for teaching, evaluation, reporting, planning, admissions and management. For example, a ”pseudo-dean” acts as if he is the head of the institute, while students and staff have elected another, unofficial rector. Courses are announced on the digital learning platform, all the while other, secret projects, which only students and teachers know about, are carried out and presented analogously only. Since preparing food at school is not allowed, the students have constructed a kitchen hidden inside a wall, and since they feel that art education should be open for everyone, they invite people into the school undercover.

About the filmmaker

Ane Hjort Guttu (b. 1971) is an artist living in Oslo. She works in a variety of media, but has in recent years mainly concentrated on film and video works, ranging from investigative documentary to poetic fiction. Her work often contain various forms of power analysis, whether this power unfolds in schools, in the urban landscape or in cultural institutions. A recurrent theme in Guttu's practice is the political potential of art and artists. Guttu is also active as a curator and writer, and she is a professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

About Borgernes Bakgårdskino

Borgernes Bakgårdskino (The Citizen’s Backyard Cinema) is a collaboration between Kunstnernes Hus Kino and the graduation exhibition Til salgs (For Sale) of the Oslo Art Academy's bachelor students, which currently takes place in the Art Academy's old premises in St. Olavs gate 32 in Oslo. This culturally important building has recently been sold to a family-owned investment company, which will turn the building into a hotel. Consequently, St. Olavs gate 32 joins a number of public cultural-historical buildings, originally built to develop cultural and knowledge production that benefits the public, which are now sold on the open market. The program, which is streamed directly from the backyard, questions the anti-social urban development through films, artist talks and panel discussions.

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