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Internasjonalt Samisk

The International Sámi Film Institute and Sápmifilm

The International Sámi Film Institute and Sápmifilm (ISFI) enables films in the Sámi language to be made and distributed. Kunstnernes Hus Cinema invited the institute to reflect on the distribution system in connection with the project Mapping Distributions: New Norwegian Initiatives. In the last few years, numerous conversations across the fields of film and visual art have taken place in Norway on the need for better alternative methods for production and distribution of film. Do we need alternative structures for alternative films? Can alliances across artistic disciplines help create better structures fort artist- and independent film?

Together with On & For Production and Distribution, Kunstnernes Hus Kino has invited a few professionals across the disciplines, to contribute to a series of video reflections and a panel discussion.

Four video reflections will be launched during March and April and serve as the background for a panel discussion on Zoom on April 20th. Read more about the panel discussion here.

About ISFI

The International Sámi Film Institute is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language. In addition, the ISFI is an institute for promoting cooperation and encouraging productions with other Indigenous filmmakers and organisations internationally.

Sapmifilm is a streaming service established by ISFI in 2018 offering a unique collection of Sámi as well as other Indigenous films in various formats. The service is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

About On & For

On & For Production and Distribution is a European cooperative project that is conceived to advance and strengthen the field of artists’ moving image by creating public discursive events and by supporting moving image projects in the making.

On & For Production and Distribution is initiated by Auguste Orts(BE) in collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK), and Nordland Kunst -og Filmskole(NO). With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Read more about Mapping Distribution here.

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