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Sister, What Grows Where the Land is Sick?

By Franciska Eliassen
Wednesday 16.08.23

A powerful and captivating coming-of-age story about sisterhood, mental illness and living under the threat of destructive climate change.

About the film

In a small village in Northern Norway, Eira lives in the shadow of her brilliant and rebellious older sister, Vera. Something is about to happen to Vera. To understand what's going on, Eira begins reading her sister's diary. She dives into Vera's universe, filled with intense light, mythology and a hope of a brighter future. However, her diary also reveals a darkness that Eira doesn't know how to handle.

About the filmmaker

Franciska Eliassen (b. 1997) is a filmmaker, artist and climate activist, whose work explores ecofeminism, geopolitics and our relation to nature. Her films have screened at prestigious film festivals and galleries, both nationally and internationally, such as Locarno Film Festival and the annual Norwegian Autumn Exhibition.

Eliassen has a B.A in Moving Images from Nordland College of Art and Film, and is currently doing an MFA at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, combining it with ecology, philosophy and AI honors studies at the University of Oslo.

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