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Book a magical kindergarten visit

Kunstnernes Hus warmly welcomes kindergarten groups to the coolest exhibition of the year, the MFA degree show 2023: Free Education for All, 08.05 – 12.05. The experiences we offer include activities in the exhibition and a workshop where the children can work with personal color prints on rice paper influenced by one of the works in the exhibition. The provision is adapted to the children's age and skills. The visit is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

2022 03 17 Kunstnerens Hus 0619

Practical information

Dates: 8.-12. May

For booking please contact daniel@kunstnerneshus.no.

About the exhibition

The exhibition offers rich and surprising art experiences in the face of different techniques and materials. With great certainty, this is an exhibition that the youngest will appreciate and the dissemination is facilitated by our skilled mediators who all have professional backgrounds as artists.

GRADUATION 2023 shows works by a new generation of artists who will graduate this spring from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts. It is an annual tradition at Kunstnernes Hus that the students organize the graduation exhibition in our skylight halls. The exhibition only runs for a short period, but the works on display often give an indication of the art that the future may bring.

Learn more about the exhibition.