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The 114. National Annual Exhibition of the Visual Arts

20.10.01 – 25.11.01

The 114th annual Autumn Exhibition organized by the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists will be presented at Kunstnernes Hus between October 20. - November 25.

About the exhibition

The National Annual Exhibition of the Visual Arts 2001 received 3770 works from 1447 artists for the first round of inspection. For the second round, 120 works and 60 artists were called in for a closer look. In addition, a few of these artists were asked to submit new works. After the second round of inspection, 50 works from 25 artists were accepted, of whom five were subsequently asked to submit an additional 20 works for inspection in preparation for the exhibition. Eleven artists are making their debut at the exhibition. This year, for the first time, The National Annual Exhibition of the Visual Arts will be using four studios at Kunstnernes Hus for video installations. The National Annual Exhibition of the Visual Arts has also been expanded with the addition of four projects in Slottsparken (The Royal Palace Park).


Roald Amlien, Margareta Bergman, Gudrun Benonysdottir, Paul Brand, Marianne Brekke, Karen Ingeborg Bye, Bodil Eide, Jo Torkjell Fenne, Wenche Gulbrandsen, Andreas Heuch, Mattias Härenstam, Tina Jonsbu, Erik Joung, Hanne Lydia O Kristoffersen, Andrea Lange, Ingrid Lene Langedok, Petter Magnusson, Marius Martinussen, Vegar Moen, Lisa Pacini Moland, Marius Mørch, Asle Nilsen, Astrid Nondal, Christofer Owe, Andre Placht, Birgitte Sigmundstad, Kjetil Skøien, Hanneline Visnes Greenman, Arild Yttri

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