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Closed today (Restaurant 11-21)

Destiny's Gratinée

17.01.19 – 10.02.19
Destinys Gratinee Seidel

When the artist-run gallery Destiny's Atelier is presenting the group exhibition Destiny's Gratinée at Kunstnernes Hus, they take the trip from Riddervoldsgate to Wergelandsveien in good company, with local and international artists born from the 1940s to the 1990s: Beatrice Alexanian, Roddy Bell, Lars Brekke, Therese Christensen, Aljoša Eraković, Ane Kvåle, Johanna Lettmayer, Niels Munk Plum, Andreas Rongen, Titania Seidl, Sabbir Shikh Alam, Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir, Eirik Slyngstad, Kim Svensson.

In addition to the group exhibition, Destiny's Gratinée will also include a performance program consisting of both newly produced and older works, created by the artists Destiny's Atelier has collaborated with former as well as new acquaintances. The exhibition is supported by the Kulturrådet and Kulturetaten.

Performance Program

17.01.2019 kl. 19:30 - Kim Svensson

26.01.2019 kl. 14:00 - Niels Munk Plum

01.02.2019 kl. 14:00 - Niels Munk Plum

09.02.2019 kl. 14:00 - Niels Munk Plum

10.02.2019 kl. 16:30 - Eirik Slyngstad

10.02.2019 kl. 17:00 - Johanna Lettmayer

10.02.2019 kl. 19:00 - Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir (performance på Destiny's Atelier, Riddervoldsgate 9)

10.02.2019 kl. 20:00 - Lars Brekke (performance på Destiny's Atelier, Riddervoldsgate 9)

About the artists

Shikh Sabbir Alam is an artist working in Kushtia, Bangladesh. His latest exhibitions include Serendipity Arts Festival Goa, India (2018) Les Brasseurs, Liege: Trust Belgium (2018) Samdani art Award at Dhaka Art Summit (2018)

Beatrice Alexanian (b. 1991, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen and Oslo. Past exhibitions include What about the dew falling at Podium, Oslo (2018) and the Sculpture Biennale, Ærø, Denmark (2018).

Roddy Bell (b. 1951 Burma /Myanmar) is a Scottish artist and former art educator living and working in Oslo. Recent exhibitions include Stories without proper endings at Destiny's Atelier (2018), More Imaginary Science at Oslo prosjektrom (2018), and The Effect is the Shadow of the Cause at Trondheim Kunstforening (2017). He has worked elusively within a number of different visual medias and within a number of different arenas and strategies for a number of years.

Lars Brekke (b. 1983, Norway) is an artist working primarily with performance, video and installation. His pieces involve elements of science-fiction, interspecies communication, space travel, disaster-situations and everyday life. His latest shows include Peephole Into the Hollow at Destiny's Atelier ( 2018), The Eyes Looking at Reboots, Inside the Experience of Interrupted Systemic Continuity at Gallery Felt, Bergen (2017) and Hyperstate at Ч9 Gallery, Murmansk (2016).

Therese Christensen (b. 1946, England – d. 2017, Norway) was an artist living and working in Bergen, Norway. Christensen was educated at UCLA in Los Angeles, Statens håndverks- og kunstindustriskole in Oslo and Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Bergen. Fiercly dedicated in her examinations of painting as a medium, from her debut in the early 1980's and up until her last exhibitions in 2016, Christensen earned her reputation as one of Norway's most notable and noted painters.

Aljosa Erakovic (b. 1987, Bosnia-Hercegovina/Yugoslavia), is an artist currently living and working in Oslo. Latest exhibitions include Hatch, Agder Kunstsenter, (2018) and the BFA graduation show at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, (2018)

Ane Kvåle (b. 1989, Norway) lives and works in Oslo where she graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017. Her recent solo and group exhibitions include Locus Amoenus at Noplace, Oslo (2018); Ed-Exhibition-01, Come Over Chez Malik’s, Hamburg (2018); Gaulinger for Sade at Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2018); Presting til koret at Destiny’s Atelier, Oslo (2017); and if i was smiling and running into your arms, would you see what i see? at Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg (2017); Only an idiot would say I am the author of this poem at Come Over Chez Malik’s, Hamburg (2016).

Johanna Lettmayer (b. 1984, Austria) is an artist based in Bergen, Norway. She studied art history at the University of Vienna and has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen. Recent works are Norway - A Love Affair. A language guide for beginners, advanced learners and native speakers (exhibited in Bergen as part of Orientering. Art in Public Space), Friend Ache (a solo exhibition at Palmera, Bergen) and Capital L. L for Love (a series of performances and translations realized in Caen, Vienna, Bergen and Moss and a publication published by House of Foundation, Moss).

Niels Munk Plum (b. 1992, Denmark) is an artist currently living and working in Oslo. He works with staging narratives through performance, sound, installation and text. He has shown work in both Salzburg, Lisbon and Copenhagen. Recently in Norway he has been performing at After School Special at Bergen Kunsthall (2018) and at Sexy Bydel at the Oslo Culture Night (2017).

Andreas Olavssønn Rongen (b. 1989, Norway) is an optimist, living and working in Oslo. He usually works on-site through gestures, misunderstandings, fabrications and fiction - or as part of artist groups and collaboration. Among his latest are Bare gutter bor her nå Destiny’s Atelier, (2017), works from Den trette attityden, shown at Hildelund Konstfestival and Nesxt Torino Art Fair, (2017), and the upcoming Studie med brukket arm, to be shown at RAM Galleri (2019).

Titania Seidl (b. 1988, Austria) is an artist currently based in Vienna and Düsseldorf. Her latest exhibitions include fists with your toes, Parallel Vienna (2018), The Yips, Céline, Glasgow (2018) and like a tightly knotted ball of thread, refusing to unravel, Destiny's Atelier, Oslo (2018). She runs the curatorial project MAUVE together with Lukas Thaler.

Eirik Slyngstad (b. 1990, Norway) is an artist working with performance, music and installations, based in Norway. His work often combines vocals and architectural spaces, dealing with the shaping of voices and identities. His solos and collaborations have been shown in venues like the National Museum of Art, Norway, the Oslo City hall, Louise Dany, Kube Museum of Art, Ålesund among others.

Kim Svensson (b. 1995, Sweden) is an artist working in Oslo whose repertoire is built from historical, literary and personal references. His work concerns that of narrative and literary structures, between the real and the imaginary; the observers/listeners/readers direct digest, as well as its enigmatic cognitive impact. Recent shows include Vitamin D is for Don’t Give Up, Destiny's Atelier (2018) and The Image of Things (2018). His publication Tensions was published in 2017.

About Destiny's Atelier

Destiny's Atelier opened its doors at Riddervoldsgate 9 in November 2016. Since then, twenty solo and duo exhibitions and semi-annual live and performance events have taken place in the premises close to the Royal Castle.

Read more about Destiny's Atelier here.

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