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Closed today (Restaurant 11-22)

Breton Cassette

13.02.22 – 20.03.22
Breton KH

On Sunday February 13, a new exhibition opens at Mellomrommet - this time with the first 25 releases published by the cassette publisher Breton Cassette since its inception in 2019. The exhibition follows from the program series Breton Matiné. The exhibition lasts until March 20.

About the project

Every Sunday in the period 13 February to 20 March the initiative Breton Cassette arranges Breton Matiné - a program series where the performative aspects of the cassette projects are presented through readings, concerts, listening sessions, film screenings and music videos. The program series begins and ends with two new cassette releases by Clara Sindal Mosconi (DK) and Elise Macmillan (US).

Breton Cassette
is a small, artist-run initiative that operates in the free field and serves as an independent alternative vantage point for sound projects and publications. The publisher publishes physical releases of auditory projects on cassette tape in collaboration with visual artists who work interdisciplinary with sound, music and visual art. Through a wide variety of genres, Breton Cassette works to promote trends and currents within the experimental, the marginal and the exploratory.

Breton Cassette was founded and is run by musician and artist Pernille Meidell.


February 13: Clara Sindal Mosconi, Silje Iversen Kristiansen, Runhild Hundeide

February 20: Erik Mowinckel, Joseph Helland

February 27: William Kudahl, Urd J. Pedersen, Marianne R. Arnesen, Espen Friberg

March 6: Ørjan Amundsen, Roberta Lazo Valenzuela, Kirsti Willemse

March 13: Emilie de Rohan Birkeland, Timon Botez, Ida Mårdhed, Perimeter O

March 20: Elise Macmillan, Fatou Åsbakk

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