Summer Holiday Printing Workshop for Children

From Gutenberg to Digital Print
21.06.21 – 22.06.21
Kunstnernes Hus Jan Khur Felix 9624

Kunstnernes Hus will be hosting a summer school for children in the weeks 25 and 32. Here you will learn various printing techniques and how to re-design clothes and other textiles under the guidance of professional visual artists..


Workshop 1: June 21-22

Workshop 2: June 23-24

Workshop 3: August 9-10

Workshop 4: August 11-12

If you would like to participate four days a week, don't hesitate to send a request via e-mail.

About the workshop

Over the course of two days, participants will be introduced to basic printing techniques, from monotype and simple stamping techniques to digital printing on textiles. You will be introduced to artists who have worked with similar techniques and whose work may influence our own.

We will be making our own stamps and build up an image using different prints and repetitive patterns that we then take with us further into the 21st century by printing digitally on textiles.

What you need

No prior knowledge is required, other than an interest in learning about printmaking. Please bring a textile you would like to print on, for example a used t-shirt or a tote bag you want to give new life to.

What you will learn

You learn about what different media, formats and paper types have to say for our artistic expression. During the course we will work with colours, different types of drawing tools, collages, a scanner and different materials. Participants are introduced to printing techniques on paper and textiles, techniques that everyone can explore further on their own after the workshop. They will also learn how to give new life to old textiles instead of buying new ones and thus contribute to a more sustainable development.

Course instructors

The course is led by visual artists Solveig Ane Kirkaune Øksendal, Annika Simonsson and Ottar Karlsen.

Solveig Ane Kirkaune Øksendal has extensive experience with workshops and art communication for children through teaching in schools and the Cultural School in Oslo and Ås, as well as through her work as a guide at Kunstnernes Hus and The National Museum. She works as a visual artist and has an MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, NTNU (2014).

Alongside producing her own artworks, Annika Simonsson works as an education coordinator at Kunstnernes Hus. She organizes and develops workshops for various target groups with the main emphasis on children and young people. She has previously taught at the Cultural School in Oslo and Akershus. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim (NTNU) and the Royal Stockholm Academy of the Arts.

Ottar Karlsen lives and works in Oslo and has an extensive background in working with workshops for children and young people at Kunstnernes Hus and Ekeberg Skulpturpark. He has a Master's degree from the Art Academy in Oslo, and works with drawings and collages in his own artistic practice.

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