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Open today 11-20 (Restaurant 11-21)

I'm Counting to One Hundred

Exhibition curated by Blikkåpner Oslo
05.11.21 – 07.11.21
Telle til hundre 2

An exhibition curated by nine Blikkåpnere aged 16 to 19 years and two mentors, with programs at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the Mellomstasjonen (National Museum) and Kunstnernes Hus.

About the exhibition

In the canteen at the National Museum, a group of confused young people is sitting and curating an exhibition. We have a bad time and need to get started quickly if it is to become anything at all. Theme, deadlines and premises are uncertain. We only have a couple of hours a week at our disposal, and will perform up to several months of work in less than two months. We are actually the ones who visit, the ones who look at the work of other curators, but now it is we who will make an exhibition. There are different opinions and views from all sides. You encounter different issues all the time. How will others be able to relate to the topic? What will the works convey? Can screws be attached to this wall? Theme and title were difficult. In the end, however, we came to a very relevant topic: Free space.

We are hungry for free space, a place to be, a place without restrictions, a place where you can be young. Green grass and open skies make it feel like a green level, where hugs and handshakes and close conversations are allowed. Art is a form of free space as well, where we can leave this world through drawing, painting, dance, writing and so much more. A place where whether you express your opinion about the world or something completely abstract, it's just yours. You created it, you own it, but everyone can experience it.

I count to a hundred is an exhibition curated by nine Blikkåpnere aged 16 to 19 years and two mentors. The exhibition shows works by 16 individual artists and a project with three participants, all selected through anonymous jury and made by artists between 15 and 25 years. We in the curatorial group have reflected a lot on topics, what we associate with young people and what it means to be young today. The answers to this are diverse and many, as many as there are young people. We have tried to reflect this diversity in the selection of works in the exhibition.

Friday 05. November

18:30-21:00 Exhibition opening with refreshments and DJ, Kunstnernes Hus

Saturday 06. November

13:00-15:30 Guided art walk with performance, film and art exhibition. Mandatory registration, attendance outside the Astrup Fearnley Museum

11:00-17:00 Open exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus

12:00-16:00 Video program at Mellomstasjonen

13:00-14:30 Performance program at the Astrup Fearnley Museum

Sunday 07. November

11:00-15:00 Open exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus with guided tours at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00


Performance program at Astrup Fearnley Museum: Frida Vige Helle, Pål Mikael Sterk-Hansen

Filmprogram at Mellomstasjonen: Edvard Sundt Skodvin

Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus: Aurora Havik Seweriin, Edvard Sundt Skodvin, Eva Hansen Sjøvold, inmates of Romerike fengsel, Jakob Berg, June Mangrud Haug, Laura Al-Jabury, Maia Glad Coulson, Olav Hylland, Olivia Løvdal Ingvoldstad, Pål Mikael Sterk-Hansen, Sigurd Grøndahl, Sondre Røssaak Aanensen, Sonja Nesterova, Victoria Skogsletten Dalen, Ylva Soleim


Marzia Alizada, Ilaf Sawash, Noah Wilson, Mateo Tilrem, Khushi Chahal, Leonel Jimenez, Ferdinand Kalfoss, Iris Brustad, Liana Israilova

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