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Russebuss against age-ism
Saturday 30.04.22
Skjermbilde 2022 04 27 kl 18 18 31

First Supper Symposium in collaboration with Pensjonistforbundet has rented a genuine Russebuss and will roll around Oslo center Saturday 30. april and show the art project Catwalk 3 places. This Catwalk will show mature models in their favourite clothes progressing out of the bus, walking back and forth to show themselves off to music they have selected. Expect noise!

About the project

Age-ism is a project to make people aware of ageism as the biggest issue for discrimination that is not recognized as such yet. We live in a society that prefers people of a certain age. If you don't fit, it's out. This is affecting the young and elderly, no discrimination there. The banners hanging on the outside of the bus are made by multi artist Christopher Nielsen together with renowned graffiti artist Ridder. The second one is made by graffiti nestor Espen Sørli.

More about First Supper Symposium here.

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