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This summer at Kunstnernes Hus ☀️
Open today 11-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

α ζ

by Verdensteatret
Saturday 26.08.23
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The artist collective Verdensteatret presents α ζ

Earlier this year, Verdensteatret traveled to Mexico City where they collaborated with local artists and visited gardens and parks in the city and beyond. Back home in Oslo, they have developed new material which will be presented for the first time this evening at Kunstnernes Hus Kino. α ζ is an expanded cinema experience, a concert and a performance.

About the performance

On the eve of the great operation, let your movement be guided by the sun. Study the relationship between light and life. Note that the plants absorb the far-red but reflect the infra-red. When the agave plant is fully grown it sends forth a giant stem the size of a telegraph pole. This signals that the plant is dying. Do not touch it other than with your eyes, but leave it as it is until the next day, the day of the operation. Start to cut it when the sun begins to rise in the hemisphere. The pole you take to a metal worker, who must forge the steel sharp enough to cut the throat of a sacrifice. Fasten the steel as covers for the ends of the pole. You then procure a loadstone, which you heat to magnetize the two steel points. Observe that the surroundings have started to act strange. The sun is a yellow metal disc. Hanging in space as a brass-shiny light. A slowly rotating golden coin. The invisible light is sieving into the visible. The firm ground becomes like the ocean. If you have performed all correctly your body will be unstable, silent movie-like. Let the flat sun fall over you.

About Verdensteateret

Verdensteatret is an artist collective based in Oslo. The group's continuous artistry has been established over the last 30 years. The group was founded in Bergen in 1986 by Lisbeth J. Bodd and Asle Nilsen, with background from respectively theatre and visual art.

Today Verdensteatret consists of video and sound artists, painters and poets, and sculptors and computer programmers who together have developed an intricate audiovisual style. Combining aspects of music concerts, theatrical performances, and visual art installations, the company builds many of its large scale productions from raw materials collected during journeys combined with stories of the fragile human soul. They endeavour to use a collaborative process to deeply integrate different artistic disciplines into projects that bridge the gap between artistic boarders.

Verdensteatret’s poetics is characterized by a dedicated long-term development, creating scenes of sensuous activity and an ongoing experimentation within different media which result in orchestral works and space related musical compositions. Verdensteatret’s works have been presented internationally in a number of art contexts and locations, such as art museums, contemporary music festivals, and theaters.

Verdensteatret is supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and other official art-foundations in Norway.


Artists: Asle Nilsen, Alireza Djabbary, Alexander Bruck, Anikke Flo, Espen Sommer Eide, Janne Kruse, Magnus Bugge, Torgrim Torve

Sound technician: Linn Nystadnes

Thanks to Niklas Adam, Aleida Peréz, Natalia Porter Peréz, Jardín Escultórico Edward James, Las Pozas and Pedro y Elena Foundation.

Supported by Ministery of Culture and Equality, Bergesenstiftelsen

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