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Triangle of Sadness bilde 4

Triangle of Sadness | Sold out!

By Ruben Östlund
Wednesday 12.10.22

In Triangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund casts his merciless satirical eye on the fashion industry and the super-rich. The film won him the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival.

About the film

Model couple Carl and Yaya are vacationing with some billionaires on a luxury yacht when they encounter a storm. The boat sinks, and they are stranded on a deserted island. In the fight for survival, hierarchies are turned upside down, and suddenly the stranded passengers find themselves in an almost post-apocalyptic situation.

About the filmmaker

Ruben Östlund (b. 1974) is a Swedish filmmaker known for his distinctive, satirical and razor-sharp gaze. His feature films Force Majeure (2014), The Square (2017) and Triangle of Sadness (2022) were acclaimed by critics worldwide and won him awards at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Palme d'Or for the latter two.

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