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Song of the Sea

By Tomm Moore
Sangen fra havet

Join Ben and his sister Saoirse's fabulous journey through myth, magic and the forgotten secrets of the past. The film is inspired by an Irish legend about the selkies - creatures that are half seal and half human.

About the film

In this adventure we meet Ben and his mute little sister Saoirse. Their mom is gone, and they live with their dad in a lighthouse on an island in the ocean gap. One day the strangest things begin to happen. Saoirse is the last selkie, a half-seal, half-human creature, and now she must find her voice and sing the song of the sea to save the elves from destruction. Ben and Saoirse soon find themselves on an adventurous journey, in an Ireland where elves, fairies, witches and giants make up a magical universe where you get to know Irish myths.

The animation in the film is simply fantastic, and really has something new to offer young film lovers who already know classic Disney and Miyazaki films.

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