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This summer at Kunstnernes Hus ☀️
Open today 12-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

The Group Crit

By Sille Storihle and students from Nordland School of Arts and Film
Friday 16.09.22

The Group Crit is a pedagogical and cinematic experiment - a humorous examination of group critique as a teaching form.

About the film

By means of a LARP (live action role-playing game) created by Sille Storihle, students at the Nordland School of Art and Film explore current issues that are part of the public debate. All students are players who develop their own stories within the game based on scripted characters. The workshop happened as a part of their educational program. Everything is filmed by students in character. With its self-established rules of the game, The Group Crit challenges traditional forms of production.

About the filmmakers

Sille Storihle is an artist working mainly with moving pictures and publications. From 2012 to 2020, Storihle ran the queer-feminist platform FRANK together with Liv Bugge. Storihle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts and an MA in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. They have exhibited at M HKA - Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (2020), Kunsthall Oslo (2018, 2017, 2013), The National Museum, Oslo (2022, 2014), GiBCA - Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (2017), Performa, New York (2013) and Sharjah Biennial 11 (2013), among others. From 2020 to 2023, Storihle is part of Atelier Kunstnerforbundet.

Nordland School of Art and Film is located in Kabelvåg in Lofoten and offers a Bachelor's degree in Moving Images. Unlike a traditional craft-focused film school, NKFS specializes in moving images. In addition to practical film production, reflection on the language and methods used is central to the education. The school is engaged in discussions within the field about the need for new methods for financing, production, and distribution of films.

Sille Storihle is an assistant professor at Nordland School of Art and Film and organized the LARP based workshop which is the starting point of the film. Participating students are Emilie Aagensen, Arjun David Acharya, Ingeborg Augunset, David Haugaard Bohl Andersen, Lise Ulvedahl Carlsen, Rebekka Christophersen, Emil Engesnes Bråthen, Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen, Ali Jabaly, Thomas Lafuente, Haakon Midtsundstad, Simen Anthony Samuelsen, Sanjey Sureshkumar, Magdalena With Vedelsby and Ellen Vikström.

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