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Open today 11-20 (Restaurant 11-21)

French Children Shorts

Sunday 18.09.22
Franske barnestreker Jungelens lov

Seven innovative and nice animated films for the little ones. Meet a boy who takes care of a snowman, a mysterious machine and a little monkey in the jungle - and many more! In this film program you will see seven wonderful short films made with different animation methods. The films are without dialogue are perfect for younger children.

About the films

Den kjempestore gulroten (regi: Pascale Hecquet, 2014, 6 min)

A mouse is being chased by a cat. The cat is chased by a dog, and the dog is chased by a little girl. The little girl is scolded by a grandmother, who is reprimanded by a grandfather. The grandfather is trying to make a soup, and for the soup he needs a carrot.

Vanten (regi: Clémentine Robach, 2014, 8 min)

It's snowing! Lily and her grandfather make a bird tray in the garden to help the birds through the winter. But where will all the other animals live? Lily leaves her mitten by a tree and soon things start happening.

Snømenn (regi: Cecilia Marreiros Marum, 2004, 8 min)

A snowman is about to melt and a little boy shows a lot of ingenuity to keep him alive.

Fuge (Regi: Vincent Bierrewaerts, 2011, 10 min)

A small figure has a musical pursuit of fleeting drops of water.

Nimbus Machina (Regi: Thomas Plaete, 2010, 6 min)

A mysterious machine is out and about. Suddenly it encounters some dark shadows.

Jungelens lov (Regi: Pascale Hecquet, 2015, 6 min)

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick bananas high up in the trees. Especially when you're just a little monkey!

Æææsj! (Regi: Gabriel Jacquel, 2014, 11 min)

Tom's mum takes good care of him, so no dangerous germs will find their way into their house. But that's easier said than done with a boy as curious as Tom.

Oslo Cinematheque at KH Cinema

Due to the renovation of Filmens hus, the Cinematheque is closed for large parts of the year. They will therefore arrange regular screenings in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus Cinema.

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