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Ellos eatnu - Let the River Flow

By Ole Giæver
ELLOS EATNU LA ELVA LEVE Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen Ester foto Mer Film

Historical drama about the Alta conflict and the fight for Sami rights in the late 1970s. Watch the film before its official premiere!

About the film

Ester moves to Alta in the autumn of 1979 and starts her first job as a substitute teacher. To fit in at school, she keeps her Sami background hidden.

Ester's cousin is a Sami activist and participates in the demonstrations against the planned hydroelectric power plant in Altaelva. When Ester joins him at the protest camp, she grows more and more aware of her Sami roots. She throws herself into a conflict-filled battle for the preservation of the river and for the right to be herself.

Ellos eatnu - Let the River Flow is a drama with deep conflicts about a young person's courage in the fight for Sami rights in one of the most important events in Sami and Norwegian history.


Ester fárre 1979 čavčča Áltái ja bargagoahtá vuohččan sadjásaš oahpaheaddjin. Heiven dihte bargoustibiid searvái son čiegada sámi duogáža. Estera vilbealli lea sámi aktivista ja lea searvvis miellačájehemiin Álttájoga dulvadeami vuosttá. Ester vuolgá su mielde vuosttálastinbáikái gos moriha ja guođđigoahtá heahpatvuođa.Son searvá garra dáistaleapmái joga várjaleamis ja beassandihte leat gii son duođaid lea.

Ellos eatnu - Let the River Flow lea drámá čiekŋalis riidduid ja nuorra olbmo duostilvuođa birra rahčamušas sámi vuoigatvuođaid ovddas ovtta dain deháleamos dáhpáhusain Sámi ja Norgga historjjás.

Ellos eatnu - La elva leve | Trailer | Mer Film

About the filmmaker

Ole Giæver (b. 1977, Tromsø) studied at the Nordland School of Art and Film in Kabelvåg and at Konstfack in Stockholm. He made a number of short films before making his debut with Fjellet in 2011. In 2014, he wrote and directed Mot naturen, which was selected for the film festivals in Toronto and Berlin. In Berlin it won the European Cinemas Award for Best Film. His feature film Fra balkongen also premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2017.

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