Vi er stengt inntil videre

It's the Thought That Counts

Bilde bursdagsfilm

On October 1st, 2020, Kunstnernes Hus was supposed to mark its 90th anniversary with a large-scale celebration. All artists based in Norway were on the invitation list. But unfortunately, due to current circumstances, the party had to be postponed. However, the entertainment for the evening, a commissioned work by artists Siri Hjorth and Sebastian Kjølaas, was performed as planned.

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KH Julie Hrncirova Perf 0279
Behind the scenes
KH Julie Hrncirova Perf 0368
Siri Hjorth, Sebastian Kjølaas and Håkon Vadstein
KH Julie Hrncirova Perf 0111
Photos: Julie Hrncirova

Performed at Kunstnernes Hus on October 1, 2020. Thanks to dancer Håkon Vadstein.

Video: Julie Hrncirova, Jan Khür, Øyvind Aspen

Cutter: Øyvind Aspen