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Åpent i dag 11-17 (Restaurant 11-22)

Rhythm Stories and Matter

Panelsamtale med Yacoub Cisse, Damien Ajavon og Susanne M. Winterling
Mandag 04.03.24
Rythmstoriesmatterimagecredit Riksarkivet

What does it sound like and what can we taste…… Welcome to this panel talk and ceremony for the inauguration of the four weeks exhibition project at Akademirommet in March 2024 featuring students of the MFA Medium- and Material Based Arts.


Damian Ajavon is a textile artist based in arts and crafts and an alumni of the department where he graduated in 2023. He currently presents the exhibition A Woolen Odyssey at Oslo Kunstnerforbundet.

Yacoub Cisse (b. 1970, Abidjan) is a writer, poet and collector, based in Oslo. In 1996, Cisse registered the organisation Afrikanere i Norge (AFRIN) with the mission to document the African presence from 1600-2000. The AFRIN Archives are held at the Riksarkivet in Oslo. Cisse is a former contributor to the weekly NyTid and also worked at the Norwegian Historical Institute and the Royal Archives in 2008-2009. He is currently working on two new books: a new edition of the book published in 2011 is due in December 2023 at http://www.mantipress.comand a second book due in 2024 at the Norwegian publishing House Aschehoug.

Susanne M. Winterling is an artist and since 2022 head and soul of the MFA Medium- and Material Based Arts. Her installations question hierarchies of species, knowledge and energy flows especially in times of violence. They have investigated strings and connections of planetary and nanoscale solidarities in aesthetics. Ongoing series:,

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