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Åpent i dag 11-22 (Restaurant 11-22)


Utstilling av MFA-avgangsstudent Iben Erik Bødtker-Næss
24.02.24 – 03.03.24

Velkommen til Iben Erik Bødtker-Næss' MFA-avgangsprosjekt Obligations på Akademirommet.


‘I walked up to deck 5, same deck my cabin was supposed to be on, but the cabin was on the other side of the ship, so I had to walk down again. Down to deck 4. Trying to cross deck 4 to get up to deck 5, to my cabin. But the other side of the ship didn’t have a staircase, so I walked back and went up to deck 5, deck 6 and try to cross over but there were cabins there and I was not on the right side of the ship, so I went down again to deck 5 and stood there, there was no way to my cabin. Then a pirate came by and said I seemed lost, and I told him that I were. The pirate asked me if I would like to let him show my cabin and I said yes. I asked him what would happen if the ship started to sink, because I would not find my way out. He told me that the ship could not sink, because Jack, the captain, Jack the one-eyed, one-legged blue parrot pirate captain could not swim.’

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