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Åpent i dag 11-18 (Restaurant 11-22)

Never not doing something

En utstilling av Nicole Ward
10.03.23 – 19.03.23
NNDS Promo 01

Welcome to Nicole Ward's degree show in Akademirommet.

About the exhibition

I’m level with her ballpoint pen, which she’s holding two centimetres above the page. Four
CMYK registration marks at the edge of the page communicate that it is correctly aligned.
She raises her pen a further two centimetres then plunges it back down, the nib almost
striking the page. By nudging the page slightly away from her body she obtains a more
adequate posture.

I’m now concentrating on her mouth having noticed her muttering to herself. She scratches
the back of her neck whilst keeping her eyes firmly locked on the page. Silently she mouths


It is relieving to absorb myself in an action, a pointless focus where attention itself is as
important as notions of a higher significance, reference or meaning. I am attracted to states
of mind in which one is in an automated position of immersive busywork. By scrutinising
other people’s daily actions, such as my mother’s obsessive relationship to Sudoku, I am
attempting to understand how others fill their time.

The installation incorporates three analogue processes; hand-scratched & painted 16mm
film, hand-forged mild steel, & hand-transferred 35mm slides.

*Mobile phone use is prohibited inside the gallery*

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